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Oil Filling Capping Machine - Oil - Fully Automatic Single Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

The filled containers moving on conveyor belt and fed into an in feed star wheel by in-feed-worm. While moving in feed star wheel , bottles pick up caps one by one from delivery chute. The descending rotary sealing one heads hold bottle's neck with desired pressure

The sealing is done in a programmed roll-on-manner, accurate positioned of the caps is done mechanically by means of a rotating unscramble, to direct the caps correctly into the chute, when the chute is filled up the rotating unscramble drive is disengaged, hence, there is no chance to damage of caps.

The sealing roller takes place due to rotating sealing head and transfer movement of sealing & threading rollers due to sealing cam. The sealed containers are discharged by exist star wheel on conveyor.

Output / Hour 20 TO 40 Bottles ( Depending on bottle size ).
Electrical Motor 1 HP / 440 VOLTS / 3 PHASE / 50 Hz ( Four wire ).
Conveyor Height 750 mm to 840 mm Adjustable.
Container Size 22 to 75 mm, maximum height 210 mm.
Cap size As per your sample.
Overall Dimension 1220mm( l ) * 750 mm( w )Approx.


  • Very compact, rigid & modular construction.
  • All exposed parts are of S.S304 or hard chrome plated or brass for a corrosion free long life.
  • S.S slat conveyor.
  • S.S Elegantly Matt Finished Body.
  • Vibratory Bowl.


Our Client

  • Uni-Med India
  • Rhombus Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
  • Meghmani Organics
  • Jayant Snacks & Beverages Private Limited - Rajkot
  • Jell Pharmaceuticals
  • Indian Iron Exchange & Chemicals Limited
  • Eco Water Solutions Technologies Private Limited
  • Coromandel Paints
  • Alka Chemicals Industries
  • Additol Lubricants PVT LTD
  • Vallabh Pesticides