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Vail Filling Machine - Automatic Vial Filling & Rubber Stoppering & Sealing Machine

Automatic six head liquid Vail filling and rubber stopering and six head sealing.

Output 80 – 100 vials / minute suitable for 5 ml to 30 ml vials depending upon volume and viscosity of liquid fitted with part suitable for any one size of vial & stopper size.

Products move from Turn Table to S.S. Slate Conveyor. It gets placed to filling section. Here, a stopper operates and stopped the vial under the nozzles, then by the System of diving nozzles go inside the vial and once the vial is filled as per the desired volume, it comes out of the vial. At the moment the stopper will open and the vial moves further for stopering and sealing section.

The Vial separator will separate the filled container and then vial further moves on conveyor for stopering operation. Rubber stopering unit consist of vibratory bowl and chute . after filling operation vial will be hold by the pair of timing belt during stopering operation. It picks up a rubber stopper from the exit end of the chute, further the container is passed between two pressing roller for tight fixing of the rubber stopper. Vials moves towards to the sealing station through infeed worm for correct spacing between two vials. Aluminum caps are kept in vibratory bowl. It automatically orients caps in right direction before enter into the delivery chute. When vial with it's rotary movement with infeed star wheel picks up the aluminum seal from the exit end of the chute and correctly position on the vial before entering to the seal from the sealing station.

Output / Hour 4800 to 6000 vials ( Depending on the nature of the Liquid and its fill size or volume ).
Power characteristics 440 V 3 phase , 50 Hz 4 wire system with A C Frequency drive.
Input ( container Dia. & Height ). 15 mm to 50 mm.
Rubber Stopper 13 / 20 mm Dry of Wet.
Fill size 5ml to 30ml ( with help of extra change parts.).
Filling Accuracy ± 1%on Single Dose.
Net Weight 1100 KGS max.
Size M / C. 3750 mm ( L ) x 1000 mm ( W ) x 1800 mm( H ).
  • M. S Structure & SS. – 304 Cladding. For frame and top plate.
  • Individual gear box for each unit.
  • No belt drive.
  • Separate A. C. Frequency drive speed control.
  • NO stopper no vial machine stop system.
  • Automatic rubber stopering and Aluminum cap by vibratory.


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  • Uni-Med India
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